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A set of crystallographic tools for computational modelling and manipulation of molecular structures as well as resolving problems related to crystal structure determination, amongst many other tools for performing multidisciplinary research work, have been developed for the Android platform. Superior graphics quality and ergonomics are the trademarks of this nascent software package, CrysX. The tools are packaged as Android applications (apps) that offer an easy-to-use graphical user interface to perform a lot of complex tasks that were once limited to desktop applications. Various tasks including modelling of structures for density functional theory calculations, diffraction pattern simulation and analysis, structure analysis, and calculation of equilibrium energy, bulk modulus, volume etc., can be performed with ease by using smartphones or tablets. The apps aim to increase the productivity of computational condensed matter physicists, chemists and material scientists. The apps can be downloaded and used for free from the Google Play Store or via the link

Supporting information


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The supporting information contains 4 directories including documentation, sample input and output files, screenshots, and video tutorials for various modules of CrysX

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