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This new diffractometer utilizes angular and spatial aspects to create a motionless high-resolution X-ray diffractometer that will collect good quality data within one second. The instrument is configured specifically for different materials, but when set the sample to be analysed need only be placed approximately on a mount prior to data collection. By appropriate use of reciprocal space, the wavelength dispersion is limited, and by using real space the spatial resolution can create data of high angular resolution. The components of the diffractometer rely on a solid-state position-sensitive detector. The quality of the scattering profile is found to be essentially independent of the exact orientation of the sample. The scattering profile is simulated to include the spectral contribution and all the components of the diffractometer. The experimental profiles and the resulting model, through simulation, are compared with those from a conventional high-resolution diffractometer for an InGaAs structure and a SiGe structure.

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