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A point-collimation USAXS system based on the Bonse-Hart-diffractometer concept is proposed which takes advantage of a CCD detector to rapidly obtain two-dimensional SAXS data at both high spatial and angular resolution for a line of points on the sample. The method might typically be employed using Bonse-Hart crystal optics in the horizontal plane, encompassing the high-angular-resolution scan direction, and a condensing monochromator in the out-of-diffraction-plane direction as the basis for a pinhole SAXS camera in that plane. The new system is well suited to operation at an undulator beamline on a third-generation synchrotron radiation source. Other applications of the instrument include (i) both absorption and phase-contrast imaging/tomography, (ii) polycrystalline topography, (iii) high-resolution triple-crystal measurements and (iv) diffuse scattering measurements.
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