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It has been experimentally found that X-ray moiré fringes are not exactly given as a projected figure from the specimen crystal as predicted by the standard theory of X-ray dynamical diffraction, but show a kind of spatial oscillation along the beam path out of the crystal. This paper reports that a similar spatial oscillation has been found for Pendellösung fringes in a similar experiment recording plane-wave X-ray topographs of a silicon wedge crystal onto a set of multi-stacked films. The oscillation of the Pendellösung fringes was easily found among the simultaneous topographs on the multi-stacked films by examining the fringe profiles, and was also found in topographic images by somewhat careful inspection. It is noteworthy that a simple reciprocal correspondence was observed between the amplitude of fringe oscillation and the fringe contrast. This finding of non-projectiveness, i.e. the fringe oscillation noted above, in Pendellösung fringes as well as in moiré fringes suggests that the non-projectiveness occurs as a very basic property of X-ray interference fringes produced by crystal diffraction.

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