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The layout and the characteristics of the hard X-ray beamline BL10 at the superconducting asymmetric wiggler at the 1.5 GeV Dortmund Electron Accelerator DELTA are described. This beamline is equipped with a Si(111) channel-cut monochromator and is dedicated to X-ray studies in the spectral range from ∼4 keV to ∼16 keV photon energy. There are two different endstations available. While X-ray absorption studies in different detection modes (transmission, fluorescence, reflectivity) can be performed on a designated table, a six-axis kappa diffractometer is installed for X-ray scattering and reflectivity experiments. Different detector set-ups are integrated into the beamline control software, i.e. gas-filled ionization chambers, different photodiodes, as well as a Pilatus 2D-detector are permanently available. The performance of the beamline is illustrated by high-quality X-ray absorption spectra from several reference compounds. First applications include temperature-dependent EXAFS experiments from liquid-nitrogen temperature in a bath cryostat up to ∼660 K by using a dedicated furnace. Besides transmission measurements, fluorescence detection for dilute sample systems as well as surface-sensitive reflection-mode experiments are presented.

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