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The crystal structures of five ω-phthalimidoaliphatic carboxylic acids are reported: 2-phthalimidoethanoic acid, C10H7NO4 (I), 3-phthalimidopropanoic acid, C11H9NO4 (II), 4-phthalimidobutanoic acid, C12H11NO4 (III), 5-phthalimidopentanoic acid, C13H13NO4 (IV), and 6-phthalimidohexanoic acid, C14H15NO4 (V). Hydrogen bonding within the crystal structures of (I) and (II) produces chains of mol­ecules. In (IV) carboxylic acid dimers are formed through hydrogen bonding between centrosymmetric pairs. The structures of (III) and (V) show a similar motif to (IV) except that the hydrogen bonds are between symmetry independent molecules.

Supporting information


Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
Contains datablocks text, hu1020a, hu1020b, hu1020c, hu1020d, hu1020e

CCDC references: 126553; 126554; 126555; 126556; 126557

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